Invite and you could earn $150

You can earn $150 in billing credit for every colleague1 who signs up for Dr. Bill using your unique referral link2 by October 31, 2021.

Here’s how it works:

Invite your colleagues

Once you generate your referral link, share it with friends & family. Available only in ON, BC and AB.

Your colleague signs up

If a colleague signs up via your link by October 31, it counts!

The credits are yours

$150 in billing credit will be applied to your account and $150 to your colleague’s account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the offer?

    If you have a colleague you want to refer to Dr. Bill, we’ll apply $150 in credit to your Dr. Bill account, as well as $150 in credit to your colleague’s Dr. Bill account if they sign up by the offer expiry date.

  • What is Billing Credit? What can it be used for?

    $150 in billing credit will automatically be applied to your future invoices for your Dr. Bill subscription on either our Full-Serve or Self-Serveplan for you and for your colleague who has successfully signed up with Dr. Bill. For Self-Serve users, these credits can also be applied towards purchasing additional one-off claim management support.

  • Will I get $150 every time I refer someone?

    Yes! Each time you refer a colleague who successfully signs up to Dr. Bill by the offer expiry date, you will get $150 in billing credit applied to your account.

  • I referred a colleague but they haven’t signed up yet, why haven’t I been given my credit?

    Your credit will not be applied to your account until your colleague signs up for their own Dr. Bill account. After that, we will apply the credit to both of your accounts.

  • I have a colleague I want to refer, but they are not ready to sign up yet, but I could really use the $150 on my account. Can you still add the credit for me?

    One great thing about Dr. Bill is that we do not have any fees associated with signing up (you can sign up without a credit card), or any contracts, so users can cancel anytime. Therefore, if your colleague isn’t ready to use Dr. Bill, they can still sign up to take advantage of the referral offer even if they don’t plan on using Dr. Bill right away. The $150 will remain on your colleague’s account until they are ready to use it. We are not able to add credits to your account until your colleague has created their account.

  • My colleague signed up through my referral link, but neither of us got the credit.

    Thank you for letting us know and apologies for the inconvenience. We would be happy to look into this. Please contact us at and let us know the name of your colleague. Once we know, we will follow up with bothof you to confirm the credit.

  • How long is the promotion running for?

    You can continue to refer your colleagues up until October to receive the promotional offer of $150!

It’s easy to get rewarded

Give $150, Get $150

Help us spread the word by inviting your colleagues1 to use Dr. Bill.

  • For every person who signs up using your unique referral code below by October 31, 2021, you’ll get $150 in billing credit (your colleague will also get $150)2.
  • The more friends* who sign up using your referral link, the more billing credit you could earn! There’s no limit to how many referrals you can send out.
Get your unique referral link3

Remember: Dr. Bill is available in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta.

Dr. Bill Referral Program Terms and Conditions